The afternoon sessions will consist of oral contributions, which can be of full length (tentatively: 15 min) or short (5 minutes). We ask particpants to indicate their preference when submitting an abstract. All oral contributions can be given on site or as webinar. If you participate on line, we will send you the address to connect. The presentations must be uploaded as a pdf file, see under TBD

In the morning sessions tutorials on the main topics of the meeting and technical discussions concerning detectors and data bases will be organised.


The abstract for each contribution should have the following format:

Submission of abstract

The abstract must be submitted as ASCII-file (txt or markdown) by sending an email to abstract@nmdb.eu


Proceedings of the symposium are intended to be published in open access format as a second volume in an NMDB symposium series at the University of Kiel (see https://macau.uni-kiel.de/receive/macau_mods_00001247 for the first volume).

Letter of intent

Prospective authors are invited to submit a letter of intent with one of the following statements, as appropriate:

  1. I plan to submit an article, together with the questions asked by the audience and my answers.
  2. I intend to publish only the abstract of my contribution, together with the questions asked by the audience and my answers.


Instructions for preparing the manuscripts are given in the style guide. Please use the template to prepare your paper.


The NMDB organising committee:

M. Abunina, R. Buetikofer, M. Gerontidou, A. Gil, K.-L. Klein, O. Kryakunova, M. Laurenza, E. Mavromichalaki, A. Papaioannou, D. Ruffolo, D. Sapundjiev, C. Steigies, R. D. Strauss, I. Usoskin