Forbush decrease observed by nodes of SEVAN East-European particle detector network on November 2021

H.Martoyan, Yerevan Physics Institute, Alikhanyan Brothers 2, 0036 Yerevan, Armenia

On November 3-4, 2021, CME hit the magnetosphere, sparking a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm and auroras as far south as California and New Mexico. European particle detector SEVAN registered Forbush decrease (Fd) coherently at all nodes. We present the results of a comparative analysis of the variations of different species of cosmic rays, and the surface electric field obtained in November 2021 at three observation sites � Aragats (Armenia), Lomnicky Stit (Slovakia), and Musala (Bulgaria) mountains. We discuss the characteristics of the variations of the charged and neutral components of cosmic rays registered by the SEVAN particle detectors at 3 sites and the near-surface electric field (NSEF). We made a correlation analysis of the geomagnetic field and NSEF at the start and maximum of particle flux depletion.